February 8, 2024

    InsideBoard obtains the Truxt label awarded by Exægis

    InsideBoard, publisher of the first digital change management platform based on artificial intelligence, has announced today that it has been awarded the Truxt label with score b1, the only European label that guarantees the operational capacity and financial sustainability of IT services providers to their clients and partners.

    After a very demanding audit that compared InsideBoard with best market practice, the company was awarded this accolade for entrepreneurial performance based on a framework developed by Exægis consultants.

    With this assessment model and best of art label, Exægis offers its partners (lessors and renters of equipment and solutions) the possibility to rank suppliers and subcontractors (VARS, IT consulting firms and business publishers) according to a multi-criteria assessment grid. The Truxt label is based on a financial analysis of the company as well as an operational analysis – 100 points of attention – carried out via an in situ audit.
    This assessment is the basis for managing the risks in executing service contracts and establishing a guarantee of their continuity that Exægis offers lessors and renters.

    A real ‘scoring’ agency for operational players in IT services in ‘as a service’, ‘subscription’ or ‘license’ mode, Exægis has given INSIDEBOARD the opportunity for unparalleled recognition in the market: this should help it set itself apart in the long term in its own field of competition.

    About InsideBoard

    Founded in 2014 by Michaël and Yohan Bentolila, InsideBoard is the first change management AI platform that helps companies successfully complete their transformations. Based on Big Data technology integrating unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms, InsideBoard is revolutionizing change management with digital technology by making it desirable, sustainable and meaningful through an approach focused on employees’ commitment and the creation of success communities.

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    About Exægis

    Exægis is a company with a business model unlike any other in Europe. It guarantees IT lessors and renters continuity of service deployed by service providers and prevents the risks of failure.

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