Dealers Network

InsideBoard redefines the efficiency of program launches, ensuring seamless deployments and empowering teams with tools for success. From streamlining new dealership onboarding to providing robust training and support, evaluating dealership performance with KPIs, ensuring standards adherence, designing incentive programs, and enhancing customer satisfaction, InsideBoard is the dynamic solution driving aligned, fruitful implementations.

Efficient Program Deployments

Streamline program launches and rollouts with our platform. By centralizing communication and progress tracking, you ensure a cohesive deployment process. Our customizable dashboards and analytics empower teams to monitor KPIs and swiftly adapt strategies for success. InsideBoard is the dynamic tool you need for efficient, aligned, and fruitful program implementations

Enhance  Dealers Network Efficiency


Simplify the integration of new sites, brands, and activities within your dealer network

Training and support

Collaboration Wall for community support and inquiries, combined with training and support through documentation and micro-learning modules

Provide certifications

Effortlessly assess independent dealerships' compliance and issue certificates for those meeting standards

Evaluate the performance of dealerships

Key Performance Indicators

Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with clear objectives and witness the transformation

Multi-dimensional analysis

Analyze results by custom grouping entities or based on geographical locations (country, zone, region …)

Cross-dimensional comparaisons

Conduct multi-dimensional entities comparaisons for informed decision-making

Gamify performance

Use our gamification to incentivize and motivate dealerships to achieve more, faster

Reporting automation

Automate email reports about performance values

Certifications: Ensure that dealers adhere to company standards

Measure adherence to company standards dynamically. Effortlessly assess independent dealerships’ compliance and issue certificates for those meeting standards. Recognize excellence and drive alignment seamlessly with InsideBoard.

Design incentive programs: Bonuses, benefits

Design and implement comprehensive incentive programs effortlessly. Tailor incentives, bonuses, and benefits based on various conditions and criteria. Craft personalized programs that motivate and push performance to new heights. From designing the program structure to rewarding outstanding achievements, InsideBoard puts the control in the your hands

Ensure customer satisfaction: NPS

Boost NPS by guiding dealerships on crafting exceptional customer experiences. Scale communication of crucial knowledge and tips for consistent excellence, raising your NPS effortlessly