KPI Management & Analysis

InsideBoard KPIs, where capabilities know no bounds. Take control of your performance metrics with the freedom to choose rhythms, integrate values across entities, and aggregate KPIs by period or hierarchy. Visualize these metrics in your communities across different levels and timeframes, revolutionizing your approach to data-driven decisions.

Create KPIs that match your needs

InsideBoard KPI Studio redefines empowerment, putting the power of KPI creation in your hands. Craft new KPIs from the ground up or forge composite ones from existing metrics, all with ease. Tailor data treatment after integration, select aggregation types within hierarchies, and determine time-based aggregations. Your KPIs, your rules, all within the seamless realm of InsideBoard's innovative platform.

Elevate your organization's insight, progress, and performance

The InsideBoard SuccessBoard dynamically visualizes KPI values and objectives across the organization, providing both collective progress snapshots and individual user insights. The Analysis page allows in-depth exploration of each KPI with real-time calculations, offering graphical progress representations, entity-level comparisons, and identification of top performers. InsideBoard seamlessly combines macro-level insights with micro-level comprehension for a data-informed future.

Set objectives for your team

Setting objectives becomes even more streamlined with InsideBoard's capabilities, as it empowers you to establish objectives not just for individuals, but also for entire communities. InsideBoard enables the alignment of collective efforts by allowing you to define objectives that resonate across teams, departments, or even the entire organization. This feature ensures that every segment of your workforce is moving in harmony towards shared goals, fostering a cohesive and purpose-driven environment where achievements are maximized

Measure Performance or enagagement

InsideBoard presents a unique dual capability, enabling the measurement of both performance and engagement. Performance KPIs seamlessly integrate external system values, providing a comprehensive view of organizational success. Additionally, the platform goes beyond by allowing the incorporation of engagement indicators, offering insights into user activities within InsideBoard itself. This integration empowers businesses to not only measure, but also gamify and establish objectives for engagement KPIs, creating a holistic framework for progress assessment