Automation Workflows

Successful community engagement relies on robust communication. Recognizing the challenge of personalized, timely messaging at scale, Insideboard has introduced a feature empowering leaders. This feature allows them to create tailored scenarios, selecting triggers, specific recipients, preferred communication channels (email, mobile notifications, Slack, Teams), and crafting impactful messages using a rich text editor and platform elements. This customization ensures precise, effective communication, driving community success through personalized interactions

Versatile Triggers

Leaderbot's triggers are purposefully designed to accommodate diverse scenarios within the community. They seamlessly handle new participant onboarding, keep members informed about ongoing community updates, and efficiently manage communication during significant events like challenge conclusions. These triggers cater to varied needs, ensuring timely and targeted messaging to enhance community engagement and cohesion

Tailored Targeting for Impact

The different targeting options allow leaders to choose recipients based on roles, user fields, or KPI values. This precision allows for tailored communication and creates boundless coaching opportunities, aligning messages with individual needs and performance metrics for maximum impact within the community.

Engaging Templates

Create powerful templates in Automation workflows, utilizing a rich text editor for visually appealing messages. Additionally, you can embed challenges, KPIs, or micro-learning modules, allowing users to interact and assess their positioning on these elements within the template itself. This dynamic approach fosters engagement and empowers users to easily gauge their progress within the community

Tailored Channel Selection

Leaderbot allows for precise channel selection, tailoring content delivery across platforms to engage users effectively. This versatility ensures updates reach them on preferred channels, nudging actions from the right platform and keeping them informed with the latest news