Collaboration Communities

InsideBoard communities offer a powerful platform for collaborative success. Whether by hierarchical structure or user tags, these communities unite individuals with common objectives, driving collective achievement. Leaders and participants play distinct roles in maintaining engagement and reaching community goals. A customizable welcome box further streamlines user onboarding. InsideBoard communities foster dynamic collaboration and streamlined progress, making achievement a shared journey.

Diverse community types for goal alignment

InsideBoard offers a diverse array of community types to cater to various needs. From department-focused communities to individual-centric ones, the platform accommodates a range of collaboration approaches. Furthermore, InsideBoard supports hierarchical communities that provide a clear overview of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) values and objectives across different community levels. This structured approach ensures alignment and transparency throughout the organization, enabling effective goal tracking and progress monitoring.

Collaboration wall for seamless interactions

The "Wall of News" is a community's central communication hub, facilitating collaborative interaction. This dynamic space enables users to request help, share best practices, and exchange various InsideBoard objects like documents, skills, or challenges. This inclusive platform promotes seamless knowledge sharing and active engagement, enhancing the overall collaborative experience.

Impact of communities

Diverse Perspectives and Skills

Uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise

Collaborative Learning

The exchange of knowledge and insights helps individuals grow personally and professionally

Resource Sharing

Pooling resources can lead to more efficient and effective problem-solving, reducing duplication of efforts

Increased Motivation and Accountability

shared purpose within a community can boost motivation and accountability

Collective Problem Solving

A community's diverse perspectives and expertise can lead to multi-faceted solutions

Different Community Roles


The driving force, holding objectives and participating in healthy competition.


Shape the community, fostering ideal collaboration among participants


Monitor progress, announce updates, and facilitate results, without active participation in the community

Easy to create

InsideBoard makes community creation effortless. Whether by leveraging the hierarchy, user tags, or departmental relations, users can swiftly establish communities that cater to their specific interests and goals. This flexibility ensures a tailored and effective collaborative experience, reflecting the organization's unique dynamics