Content Management

The InsideBoard Content Management System offers the advantages of referencing external content or creating original material, a robust search and filtering system, collaborative project-level creation, and the ability to enhance content with KPI smart tags for personalized AI-driven recommendations.

Enhanced Learning: Uniting External Resources and Created Content

InsideBoard stands out by offering the dual advantage of seamlessly referencing external content and generating new material directly within the platform. This unique approach gains even more significance when considering the integration with the client's existing Learning Management System (LMS). By enabling the utilization of both external resources and original content creation, InsideBoard not only enhances the platform's versatility but also optimizes the client's existing LMS investment. This strategic synergy allows users to tap into their established learning resources while also fostering the creation of new, tailored content. The combination of these capabilities ensures a comprehensive and dynamic knowledge ecosystem, promoting efficient learning, collaboration, and content management.

Efficient Content Discovery

InsideBoard boasts a robust filtering system that enables users to quickly locate desired content. This intuitive feature categorizes information based on various criteria: format, author, tag, published date and community, facilitating efficient content retrieval. In addition, InsideBoard enables leaders to create automated selections based on document tags or smart tags. These intelligent selections automatically gather and showcase relevant content, streamlining access to crucial materials without manual curation

Content visibility for enhanced security and focus

Controlling document visibility to specific user groups in InsideBoard is paramount for safeguarding sensitive information and minimizing content clutter. This feature ensures data security, reduces content pollution, and enhances user focus, contributing to a more efficient and personalized content management approach

Elevate knowledge through AI

InsideBoard's innovative approach empowers you to elevate your content into smart content through the application of KPI smart tags. By tagging content, you unlock the potential for AI-driven recommendations that align with the users' individual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) standings. Leveraging AI to curate personalized document suggestions based on KPI standings enhances decision-making and knowledge absorption, further solidifying InsideBoard's role as an indispensable tool for informed and impactful content management.