InsideBoard's microlearning brings numerous benefits to organizations. Leaders can easily create modules with various question types to enhance skill development. The platform is accessible on mobile and desktop, and its gamification elements encourage participation by offering rewards for skill proficiency. Top performers are highlighted and contribute to the community's learning, fostering collaboration. Additionally, the platform provides insights into company-wide skill performance, facilitating targeted improvements.

KPI Management and analysis

Anywhere, Anytime: Mobile and Desktop

Enabling microlearning access on both mobile and desktop devices is essential for accommodating varied learning preferences and lifestyles. It ensures learners can engage with training content conveniently on the go via mobile devices, while also facilitating more immersive and comprehensive learning experiences on desktops. This dual accessibility maximizes engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development throughout the workforce

KPI Management and analysis

Easy to create

Crafting skills on InsideBoard is a seamless and user-friendly process. The platform offers leaders a straightforward interface that simplifies the creation of skill modules. With a variety of question types at their disposal, leaders can effortlessly design comprehensive skill-building content. This ease of use not only streamlines the skill creation process but also empowers leaders to curate engaging and effective learning materials, ultimately contributing to the professional growth and development of their teams



Create a sense of motivation and excitement among your team

Healthy Competition

Fuel a friendly rivalry that pushes your team to outperform one another

Recognition and Rewards

Provide an opportunity to recognize and reward top performers publicly

Performance Tracking

Effective performance monitoring, identification of trends


Create a sense of accountability as individuals become aware of their standing

Different Community Roles


The driving force, holding objectives and participating in healthy competition.


Shape the community, fostering ideal collaboration among participants


Monitor progress, announce updates, and facilitate results, without active participation in the community

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