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Winter Release 19 : InsideBoard’s novelties

The InsideBoard platform’s user experience has been enriched again this winter to bring you even more success in leading our clients’ transformation projects. Let’s zoom in on 5 major evolutions.

Managers, create team challences in a few clicks !

An updated version of gamification on InsideBoard is now available: it allows administrators to give managers access to create challenges. They can now lead their team in complete autonomy and with only a few clicks.

And to facilitate the results analysis of each challenge and continuous gaming even more, InsideBoard now provides you with the preset Success Boards platform.

The digital marketing system of challenge animation has also been enriched with announcement and communication posts, including preset and customizable ones.

InsideBoard becomes even faster and more secure thanks to the migration of its servers to Microsoft Azure

In order to optimize performance, serenity and projects deployment in France and abroad, InsideBoard migrates its datacenters to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

5 advantages for your international deployment needs:

  • A worldwide network to accompany our clients in their international projects.
  • A cloud to reinforce the security of transformation projects
  • Numerical data in agreement with GDPR.
  • An increased scalability to evolve with projects.
  • A quicker access to the InsideBoard platform and the content.

Creation of the InsideBoard Desk, InsideBoard’s online support

Our product documentation, based on Zendesk technology, is now available on the platform directly from the InsideBoard Desk section.

This help center allows users to find all the content presenting InsideBoard’s general functionalities and to accompany administrators in configuring and using advanced functionalities.
A follow-up of the platform’s evolutions will also be listed there.

Even sharper indicators adapted to professional stakes

To continuously improve the measuring and piloting of transformation success, InsideBoard gives access to new configuration criteria for your indicators.

It is now possible to select types of objectives, at low or high value, for success indicators and to ajust them on personalized fixed or rolling periods.

InsideBoard App for Salesforce: a simplified configuration

With the latest version of the InsideBoard App For Salesforce, the administrator benefits from an easier experience on the configuration console, as well as in the link between the App and the internal tools.

Several functions of the configuration console have been remade :

  • Previews are now available to facilitate revenue
  • The company’s organizational structure management has been improved
  • User informations have been enriched with complementary fields