Winter Release 19: InsideBoard new features

The InsideBoard user experience has once again been enhanced this winter, to help our clients manage their transformation projects even better. Here’s a detailed look at 5 big changes.

Managers: set team challenges in just a few clicks!

A new version of InsideBoard’s gamification is now available, and it allows administrators to assign managers permissions to create challenges. As such, they can work independently to motivate their teams in just a few clicks.

And to make it even easier to analyze the results of each challenge and stay gaming, the InsideBoard platform now has predefined dashboards.

The digital marketing solution for running challenges has also been upgraded with both standard and customizable notification and communication posts.

IInsideBoard has migrated to the Microsoft Azure servers, making it even faster and more secure

InsideBoard has migrated its datacenters onto the Microsoft Azure cloud, optimizing the ease, performance, and roll-out of projects in France and around the world.

5 benefits for multinational roll-out:

  • A global network to support clients in their international projects
  • Cloud technology that bolsters the security of transformation projects
  • GDPR-compliant encrypted data
  • Enhanced scalability for evolving projects
  • Faster access to the InsideBoard platform and its content.

The new InsideBoard Desk: online support for InsideBoard

Our product documentation, based on Zendesk technology, is now directly available via the platform.

This help center is where users can find all of our content introducing the general features of InsideBoard. It also helps administrators configure and use advanced features.

More refined indicators tailored to business challenges

To help users track and manage the success of your transformation, InsideBoard now lets you access new indicator configuration settings.

You can now select objective types for success indicators with high or low values, and adjust them over custom, set, or sliding periods.

InsideBoard App for Salesforce: simplified configuration

With the latest version of the InsideBoard App for Salesforce, administrators get a streamlined configuration console and an interface between the app and internal tools.

A number of configuration console features have been given an overhaul:

  • previews are now available to facilitate revenue
  • it is easier to manage the company’s organizational structure
  • enriched user information with additional fields

Learn more about the new features : Contact us