Training Path

This e-learning module allows users to discover a theme or acquire a skill through an interactive and fun course. Each course is composed of a maximum of 8 distinct steps. Each step is an opportunity to discover the platform’s content while testing the user’s knowledge through quizzes. Depending on his performance on the course, the user will be rewarded with a certain number of points and a bonus badge!

At InsideBoard, we reject this fatality

The pandemic has significantly changed the world of work, accelerating the digital transformation of companies. This is no longer an option. Today, we are witnessing a multiplication of projects to improve processes, optimize customer relationship, promote hybrid work, and make communication more fluid…

A new success equation has emerged. But what does it take to succeed in your digital transformation? Is it about adoption? Is it the use of new tools? Is it employee productivity? Customer satisfaction? Or is it simply business value? In fact, it’s a combination of all of these factors, and that’s why companies struggle to succeed in their transformation.

Indeed, most start with people. They invest heavily in training programs, learning tools, online and offline learning courses to help their employees embrace the transformation.  At first, the results are encouraging: people seem motivated and adoption spikes. Unfortunately, adoption eventually fades out, resulting in significant losses for companies. The evidence is clear: 3 out of 4 transformation projects fail because of a lack of long-term support (source: Gartner and McKinsey). 

We have seen with the health crisis that employees not only need meaning (objectives) but also more autonomy, transparency and trust.

So how do we achieve success? How to have a better adoption? How to achieve the performance of its teams in the transformation? These are global issues and it is our mission to address them. InsideBoard will simplify the life of managers and collaborators by providing a platform that is fully integrated into the end-users’ environment in order to give them goals and all the necessary boosters to achieve success.

Our approach is simple: we start by helping our clients define success and then focus on two areas.

First, we translate success into objectives and KPIs in order to have a measurable, tangible and monitory transformation.

First, we translate success into objectives and KPIs in order to have a measurable, tangible and monitory transformation. These KPIs are defined from the top and are drilled down to all levels of the organization, by team, department, zone, region or even by manager.

Finally, we create a link with the people inside this organizational structure. These people are grouped in communities. At InsideBoard, we share the same DNA as companies like Teams, Slack or Zoom but we go further. We create a link between communities and KPIs. We give each community goals, KPIs to trigger interest and create virality.

Each community needs to know what is expected of them. Once the goals and KPIs are defined, our artificial intelligence engine builds a stimulating environment for each end-user to help them achieve transformation success. And because change is always on, the InsideBoard platform addresses all levels of maturity of a transformation project, from adoption to performance. 

We have been helping our customers succeed in their digital transformation for more than 7 years: EDF, Stellantis, Engie, Michelin, Pernod Ricard…More than 40% of the CAC40 and more than 150,000 users already trust us. 

Join these world-class companies and let us help you succeed in your digital transformation!