The Artificial Intelligence platform InsideBoard develops two new modules to aid the successful transformation of businesses and their teams

InsideBoard, the first platform for change management (50,000 active users) based on artificial intelligence algorithms announces the launch of two new modules to accelerate the success of transformation projects for the businesses it supports. Based on proprietary Machine Learning technology, the first Boost your success module is dedicated to the intelligent recommendation of personalized content, while the second, Training Path, to upgrading the skills of employees through training courses.

Paris, April 12, 2018 – A start-up created in 2014 by Michaël and Yohan Bentolila, InsideBoard is founded on a strong conviction: to achieve transformation objectives, it is necessary to create the desire through the use of project marketing by digital means and to engage employees throughout
the period. The recipe for success: unique artificial intelligence algorithms to recommend personalized content to the right person at the right time. The objective: to help the different change agents (employees, ambassadors, managers) to advance in their individual adoption of a transformation project.

The Boost your success and Training Path engines fit into this perspective.

Boost your success

Based on an analysis of the user’s key success indicators, the InsideBoard platform, through
the Boost your success Artificial Intelligence module, is able to make personalized content
recommendations to users.
An analysis of a user’s performance for an indicator, coupled with an observation of the current situation and the commitment generated by a publication, makes it possible to recommend the content (good practices, training guide, client cases, new features…) most relevant to a user.
The user receives a personalized notification that there is content recommended to them.
The recommendation engine offers concrete actions to users to help them progress in their adoption of a transformation project.

Training Path

The Training Path module allows the creation of courses to increase skills for any type of
transformation project. Intuitive and engaging, Training Path can be customized by the manager, who with a few clicks can choose a graphic theme, define the training steps and the quizzes to validate the achievements as well as the number of points that the user will attain at the end of the course.

Training Path is integrated with the gamification module, which allows positive emulation to be created between users, and also with the modules Boost Your Success, a course constituting a type of content that may be recommended, and Success Boards, allowing managers to define the key success indicators of their transformation project.

Finally, following this logic of integration and strong complementarity with existing tools and customer content, Training Path as the heart of InsideBoard’s strategy, can also be powered by e-learning platforms.

“With Boost Your Success and Training Path, InsideBoard strengthens its all-in- one solution
bringing together all the complementary levers of continuous encouragement for actors to commit to the transformation by relying on Artificial Intelligence technologies, which we are convinced can add so much value for the employee. New AI applications for employees are in development and will soon be available on the platform” affirms Yohan Bentolila, co-founder and CTO of InsideBoard.

“Thanks to these two major developments, InsideBoard continues to enrich the employee
experience by placing them at the heart of the transformation of their business and to adopt
these changes more readily” adds Michael Bentolila, co-founder and CEO of InsideBoard.

About InsideBoard

Founded in 2014 by Michaël and Yohan Bentolila, InsideBoard is the 1rst AI platform for change management dedicated to continuously encouraging the adoption and to team performance. InsideBoard offers a revolutionary approach to change management with an all-in- one solution developed using Big Data technology based on unique artificial intelligence algorithms. Integrating with main market software (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow …), and with its recognized partners in consulting and integration, InsideBoard engages all the actors of company transformation: end-users, ambassadors, local managers and top management. Present in Paris, New York and San Francisco, the company employs more than 50 people. InsideBoard has 50,000 active users and its customers include major accounts such as Deloitte, PSA, Audi, Adecco, Crédit Agricole, Banque Populaire…

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