Support your teams in business continuity and recovery

In these uncertain times, your employees are—now more than ever—at the center of the challenges you face today and in the future.

Switching to remote working and coordinating remote teams involves more than just a change in operating mode.

It requires a radical change in behavior and mentality towards attention, trust, agility and empowerment.

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You can’t predict the next crisis, but you can be prepared for it

82 %

of companies plan to let employees continue to work remotely some of the time after Covid-19

Gartner (July 2020)

25 %

of companies have achieved their digital transformation objectives

IDC & Insight (March 2020)

49 %

The percentage of full-time workers who strongly agree that their organization cares about their overall wellbeing

Gallup (March 2020)

Re-invent the way you support your teams

The epidemic has revealed the vital role of digital technology in maintaining and supporting remote working. This unprecedented situation can therefore be an opportunity to make good use of new technologies and accelerate your digital transformation to ensure the well-being, motivation and engagement of your employees, wherever they work.

Digitalize your change management with InsideBoard

With its approach combining collaborative work and objective-based management, the InsideBoard digital change management platform enables you to engage your teams while ensuring business continuity and to prepare them for return to "new normal":

Restore meaning

and provide continuous information via a dedicated communication channel

Bridge the gap

and keep employees engaged


employees after lockdown

Measure well-being

of your employees on an ongoing basis

Accelerate digital acculturation

by facilitating continuous skills acquisition

Foster autonomy and empowerment

by giving visibility to team objectives for business continuity and resumption

Give your managers the means

to effectively manage remote teams

Reduce costs

for your teams’ training and management

They rely on InsideBoard to bridge the gap and ensure business continuity

  • We’ve made InsideBoard a place to communicate with our employees and share our collective experience during this crisis, which we can integrate into our strategic plan

    Sophie Landelle, Project manager for the company project Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée

  • Digital management with InsideBoard is more important to us than ever before. It’s now the first link we have with our network

    Sébastien Mignot, Network Manager, EUROREPAR Car Service

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