InsideBoard federates and involves your teams in your company strategy

  • Take into account all points of view of all professions : Use InsideBoard to structure the narrative and help with the adoption process.
  • Carry out a strategic ambition that is meaningful at the collective and individual levels : Keep the focus on strategic objectives with innovative and accessible solutions.
  • Adapt quickly at strategic and operational levels : Save time in operations with engagement, information, management and measurement tools and track progress and satisfaction in your organization in real time.

They talk about strategic play

Crédit Agricole

Involvement of 2,400 managers and operational staff, based at headquarters and in the network, in the co-construction and deployment of the corporate project in 2021.

« Thanks to InsideBoard, we have created the foundation of our company project through a real collective experience. »

Sophie Landelle
Chief Data Officer, Crédit Agricole


With InsideBoard, measure and achieve your digital transformation objectives

  • Guarantee the adoption of your digital tools by users : Quickly integrate and continuously engage your new employees through a multi-tiered approach. (communication, communities, learning, gamification, personalized recommendations)
  • Define and manage the success of the transformation for your company : Boost your productivity, increase the ROI of your digital transformation and give yourself the means to achieve your objectives by securing the adoption and use by all your employees.
  • Reduce your training and change management costs : Customise your training courses and ensure the continuous improvement of your teams’ skills.


Drive your company and your employees to operational excellence

  • Aim for operational excellence at all levels : Continuously motivate your teams at all levels of your organization.
  • Adapt excellence in a continuous improvement process : Drive operational excellence across the enterprise (customers, partners, quality, compliance) with a unified platform that maintains focus and adoption.
  • Manage operational excellence through play and challenge : Measure individual and collective usage and create a fun and stimulating environment through gamification.



A platform to meet and exceed your business objectives


  • Complementary to your CRM

  • Disruptive change management

  • Rapid and sustainable engagement

  • Increase revenue (Up & Cross Selling)

  • Cost control

  • Intelligent personalisation

  • Effective and targeted communication

  • Sales force coaching


A smart commitment to the new distribution paradigm

  • Successfully engage your sales network : Create a stimulating environment for all your sales distribution network.
  • Smart engagement with smart data : Manage your recommendations in action based on intelligence gathered from your network activity.
  • Increase autonomy and productivity at the point of sale : Mobilize collaborative communities to free up time for teams to focus on business priorities.


A real tool for steering and driving change


  • NPS management and tracking

  • Develop a customer centric strategy

  • Pinpoints areas of improvement


Efficient and AI driven onboarding of new employees

  • Engage new employees quickly and effectively : Successfully onboard your new employees with learning tools designed for integration.
  • Enable rapid and engaging acquisition of process learning : Train your new employees in a scalable, gamified and personalized way on best practices and new processes.
  • One-stop shop : Bring your teams and tools together in one place to allow employees to connect with each other and to naturally adopt the company culture and values.


Engaging employees in culture change


  • Digital, data, customer-centric, collaborative, agile acculturation projects

  • Change of postures

  • Managerial transformations

  • Management of company values

They talk about cultural transformation

La Poste Groupe

La Poste, which is helping its agents in 800 post offices to change their “customer-centric” posture. Their challenge is to get to know their customers better by setting up a single customer file and developing associated online accounts.

« Customer experience and satisfaction must be at the heart of all our actions and this is the reason for the Customer Academy. »

Yann Le Vely
Director of Change Management, La Poste Group


Maintain employees’ engagement no matter where they are

  • Create a bridge between your company and your remote employees : Keep in touch with all stakeholders and ensure the continuity of your activities and transformations by reinforcing values and skills development.
  • Deliver the tools and skills needed to maintain engagement : Manage and challenge your teams remotely with InsideBoard tools.
  • Implement good practices : Organize regular cadence meetings with employees through InsideBoard and accelerate implementation of remote projects.



Whether you are leading a change project or a profound transformation, you need to fully engage your teams to succeed. Put all the chances on your side with InsideBoard

  • Give meaning to change and put your employees at the center : Involve your employees in your change project and help them understand individual and collective challenges.
  • Take advantage of the best tools and practices for employee engagement : Create the ideal conditions with trust, energy and commitment to company values, communities and shared success.
  • Measure for better management : Define Key Success Indicators meaningful at all levels of your organization.

They talk about change management

With InsideBoard, Covéa has turned the Performance and Procurement Strategy Department into a business partner and value creator

Procurement Management is a key area in the circulation of an important part of the company’s financial flows. The digitalisation of the organisational chain with suppliers (services, raw materials, etc.) reduces the response time and increases the Source-to-Pay efficiently.

Information and support on news, innovations and best practices within the Procurement ecosystem is a natural part of the working environment and helps create engaging communities

The platform has demonstrated the value of Procurementwithin the Group, making it an essential part of the business, and has enabled heterogeneous populations to be involved in sharing common objectives

“ InsideBoard allows us to give a better visibility of the performance and Procurement within the Covéa Group ”

Sylvie Noël
Chief Procurement Officer, COVEA