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InsideBoard works together with its partners to mobilize all the resources necessary to ensure the success of your projects

Services provided by our partners

  • Project Marketing

    • Vision and goals
    • Project branding
    • Messaging and storytelling
    • Ally and influencer strategy
    • Communications strategy and plan
  • Animation

    • Identification and promotion of natural leaders
    • Recommendations for guiding actions
    • Community management and content creation
    • Creation and implementation of challenges and incentives
    • Coaching and targeted training
    • Ramp-up events
  • Deployment

    • Deployment and training planning
    • Creation of training content
    • Selection and briefing of deployment staff/trainers
    • Implementation of training pilots and tests
    • Training session production and debrief
  • Continuous improvement

    • Analysis of adoption and performance statistics
    • Population mapping and migration
    • Detection of weak signals
    • Strategic project-analysis (SWOT)
    • Benchmarking
    • Action planning
  • Support

    • Maintenance of data integration:
    • Data integration incident management
    • Recurring data receipt service
    • Flow maintenance and monitoring service
    • Flow maintenance and monitoring service
    • Maintenance of integration service project:
    • Helpdesk on specific developments
    • Exporting of usage statistics
  • Integration

    • Data integration:
    • Implementation of flows: HR and organizational planning, SSO, Data
    • Success Boards Technical specifications
    • Development and implementation: establishment of flow recovery batches and Success Boards calculation
    • Service integration:
    • Specification, development and implementation of specific elements

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