Salesforce Adoption Happy Hour: What Our Clients Had to Say

On September 17, Salesforce and InsideBoard co-organized a special Salesforce Adoption Happy Hour. Over a hundred change leaders met up to talk about revolutionary and successful change management strategies and how to implement them. Michaël Bentolila, InsideBoard CEO & co-founder, and Maxime Pommereau, Salesforce RVP, Success Management, led the discussions. And two of our shared clients, LafargeHolcim, and EDF, talked about their successful Salesforce deployment and the importance of supporting customer relationship transformations over the long term with the InsideBoard digital platform.

Salesforce and InsideBoard: A Unique Partnership

We no longer have to make the case to our clients about how effectively Salesforce and InsideBoard work together, they say it themselves! This combination is a key to driving adoption and success in their CRM projects because it helps users successfully adhere, reduces attrition and provides increased value. This point was emphasized by Ala Ben Abbes, Digital Transformation Project Manager at EDF, who said :

“In a transformation project, we provide lots of training and managerial support. And then we pray that it works. What’s powerful about InsideBoard is that it makes the connection between this support work and measurable results. This is the only way that we can track the actual progress made in tool adoption.”

This image is composed of three photographs. The first one and the last one are views of the Eiffel tower. The second one is a photograph of the meeting.

A few quotes from our clients about what’s working for them:

Testimony of Séverine Gougé, VP Customer Experience, LafargeHolcim

“To quickly convince people internally, we looked for a smart tool that could communicate in a personalized way with different populations.”

“An employee that’s hit a roadblock in their everyday work with the new CRM tool doesn’t have time to wait. Artificial intelligence now gives them the solution in real time through the InsideBoard platform.”

On this image there are two photographs of the meeting.

Testimony of Ala Ben Abbes, Digital Transformation Project Manager, EDF

“The fact that we built the indicators for success with the employees made them ambassadors.”

“I’m a big fan of the Training Path functionality. This ability to push training over short timeframes creates enthusiasm. Users go there more often.”

On this image there are two photographs of the meeting.

Co-founders CEO Michaël Bentolila and CTO Yohan Bentolila, as well as the entire InsideBoard team, had a great time talking about your transformation project adoption and presenting the InsideBoard platform, the first change management application on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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