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Remote work: how to engage employees in the transformation thanks to Digital Change Management and AI?

The success of transformation projects is intimately linked to employee engagement. This decisive adoption step explains why majority of projects fail today.

Discover in this webinar how you can digitalize your change management with InsideBoard by offering your customers a unique experience for their employees, inspired by what they are living as consumers on a daily basis:

  • Easy access to information

  • Interactions with their communities

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Best practices sharing

  • Progress measurement

  • Playful learning

  • Success promotion..

  • Agenda

  • What are the challenges addressed by InsideBoard?

  • Our value proposition

  • Our clients' use cases

  • Platform demo

  • Q&A session

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    • Vincent Julien

      VP Alliances - InsideBoard

    • Carole Samama

      Alliances Director - InsideBoard