Designed for Humans. Powered by AI.

Our multi-lever platform is designed to help companies reach their transformation goals. It creates a stimulating and engaging environment to help every employee do their part for their success and their community’s success.

Success boosters, virtual coaches, success boards, success ambassadors, in a fully integrated environment makes InsideBoard a unique and powerful enterprise success enabler.



KPI Studio

Powerful KPI builder and configurator to measure, monitor, and succeed

  • Very powerful interface to create the right KPI at each level of the organization with over 500 KPI in a ready-to-use store.
  • Develop success metrics and KPIs throughout the transformation journey from onboarding, to adoption, to performance.
  • Automatically integrate and aggregate KPIs as needed.



Success Communities

Taking communities to the next level

Success Communities are purpose driven and join people through common KPIs and success goals

  • Provide a strong sense of belonging with shared goals.
  • Spark interest and create virality within each community.
  • Proven success pull through driver for every individual.




Knowledge center

Smart collection of assets and resources tagged by KPI

  • A Smart container for all existing and future assets.
  • KPI tagging allows better usage and better outcome.
  • Rich content for ease of use in full autonomy.



Collaboration wall

The social network for transformational success

  • A smart newsfeed with the right information.
  • An ideas sharing place for thriving success communities.
  • Positive pulse to maintain a high level of engagement.




Boost users’ engagement through a set of games and friendly competitions

  • Gamification with a purpose: drive success.
  • Prizes, badges and ranking for higher engagement.
  • A great booster to kick-start adoptions of tools and processes.




Optimize training paths custom tailored for every user

  • Create training paths streamlined with their KPI and their communities.
  • Encourage self-training and self-development.
  • Allow each employee to make progress at their own pace.



Success Board

The ultimate place to track everyone’s progress to company’s success

  • Get a snapshot of how each user and their communities are doing.
  • Detect all areas of improvement at a glance.
  • Analyze performance and progress on different time periods.



Artificial intelligence

The entire InsideBoard platform is fueled by a powerful AI engine feeding and augmenting all pieces

As a result, the total user experience is elevated to a higher level:

  • Custom recommendations catered specifically to each individual.
  • Personal success coach for every user.
  • Constant learning and improvement.



In addition to provide a seamless experience, InsideBoard platform is natively integrated within the main tools and processes such as your CRM or ERP. We don’t want you to have one more app!