Leverage the Value of Ecosystems when Selling to Large Companies

– by Mike Wolff, Global ISV Partner Salesforce & Michaël Bentolila, CEO & co-fondateur InsideBoard.

They gave this talk about using communities and partners to sales to large enterprises, at B2B Rocks Paris — the international conference for B2B & SaaS startups.

Michael Wolff: What is it like to be a Co-Founder with your brother? And when there’s a disagreement, who wins?

Michaël Bentolila: In reality, it’s the best experience in my life where you need to work in family is great, especially if you have complementary. He is a tech and I am the business guy, with the vision of what we have to do. The employees also like it, for stability.

Michael Wolff: One of the things that we’re really proud of at Salesforce is being a values-driven company. We value trust, we value diversity, we value equality. And as I was preparing for today, one of the things I noticed on your website was the success that you’ve had in terms of hiring a diverse workforce. The stat that you have on your website is that your current team is currently made up of 43% female and 57% male. And in the technology world, that’s something that we all should be aspiring towards. (…) Read more on medium.com