Looking back at the success of the InsideBoard Success Tour 2023

Clara Daubigney

InsideBoard Success Tour: Together from Adoption to Performance Success.

On June 15th, as part of the InsideBoard Success Tour #2, our clients, partners, and colleagues gathered in Paris to listen to client testimonials, share experiences, and hear expert viewpoints.

For this 2nd edition, we were fortunate to convene on the rooftop of our partner, VO2. A remarkable place that encourages dialogue and sharing.

We were delighted to gather the testimonies and feedback from Yann Le Vely, Director of Change Management at La Poste Group, and Eric Djibedjian, Regional Vice President Customer Success, Success Leader France at Salesforce.

Discover their exclusive testimonials and best practice sharing!

The Director of the Customer Academy within La Poste Group, Yann Le Vely, highlights a significant transformation of the company over the past seven to eight years, moving from a product-oriented to a customer-centered approach. The InsideBoard solution played a crucial role by engaging 14,000 touchpoints, especially the customer relationship managers, to better understand customer needs through gamification, challenges, and the sharing of best practices. This approach has led to a profound transformation of the company’s methods and corporate culture, with the prospect of extending this approach to other areas such as commerce, HR, and procurement.

Eric Djibedjan explains his role as the Customer Success Manager at Salesforce, focused on helping clients get the most out of their investments. He discusses how Customer Success is evolving towards creating value and transforming professional practices. Eric emphasizes the importance of understanding different sources of issues to define measurable KPIs, allowing the quantification of the business impact of solutions. He delves into the concept of business value, starting from adoption and evolving towards understanding expectations and desired benefits. Eric stresses the significance of working on value even in the absence of anticipated results. He highlights Salesforce’s role in driving change and transforming behaviors and explains how tools like InsideBoard are used to orchestrate these changes. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between initial objectives and final outcomes by orchestrating transformations for the successful adoption of tools and practices, both for clients and the internal organization.