InsideBoard named by Gartner Digital Adoption Solutions Vendor

InsideBoard has earned global recognition as a vendor in the Digital Adoption Solutions segment created by Gartner in the May 2019 report Increase Sales Productivity With Digital Adoption Solutions.

Internal transformations at businesses are never-ending, focusing on digitalization, customer relationships, collaboration, regulations, operational excellence and more. Multiplying eight fold in 10 years, they arrive one after another at an increasingly frenetic pace. Yet for every type of transformation project, success is based on employees adopting new tools, new mindsets or new cultures.

To help address these challenges, Gartner identified a new category of technology solutions called “Digital Adoption Solutions” (DAS) that help increase employee adoption during transformation projects and managers to lead team productivity.

Digital Adoption Solutions Platforms Bolster Transformation Project Deployment Security and Long-Term Employee Engagement

According to Gartner, DAS platforms are essential for successfully completing transformation projects because they:

  • Save Time and Money With Better Adoption and Productivity
  • Use Analytics to Increase Usage and Improve User Experience
  • Incorporate Continuous Development for Employees

Digital Adoption Solutions at the Peak of Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Sales Technology 2019

Hype Cycle for Sales Technology 2019 is designed to help purchasers and business directors evaluate the maturity and business impact of technologies that support sales growth.

In this Hype Cycle, Digital Adoption Solutions platforms are among the two types of technologies that are very interesting to Gartner because:

  • the volume of requests for investment advice on Digital Adoption Solutions has increased 66% this year due to the lack of widespread technology adoption noted by decision makers and the growing pressure to deliver a significant ROI for CRM transformation projects;
  • clients now consider Digital Adoption Solutions a must-have investment, with highly beneficial impacts on the success of Change Management for CRM transformation projects.

This new DAS category reinforces the foundational vision of InsideBoard, the first digital platform for change management based on artificial intelligence: digital tools are essential for taking on the challenge of engaging employees over the long term and successfully attaining the performance businesses expect from their transformation projects.

The InsideBoard Approach: “One Platform” for Comprehensive, Integrated Change Management that Goes Beyond Training and Top-Down Communication


InsideBoard enables you to create a simple, motivating and personalized experience for all employees, from top management to middle management, ambassadors to employees.


InsideBoard integrates all the key engagement mechanisms inspired by everyday consumer experiences: best practices sharing between peers, gamification, progress tracking, personalized recommendations, skill development tracks and more.


With InsideBoard, you can motivate all employees on all your transformation projects (CRM, ERP, NPS, Digital Workplace, operational efficiency, etc.) using just one platform.


InsideBoard supports the employee over the long term and at each stage of their adoption cycle.


InsideBoard makes it possible to measure success in real-time, as well as the outcomes of new practices, on one of your projects or on the company’s entire transformation.