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InsideBoard is launching the Inside Success Lab, dedicated to transforming businesses

Last February 13th, we launched the Inside Success Lab, our laboratory of ideas dedicated to business transformation, in order to collectively define the best practices for team adoption.

Started by popular demand from our clients, the Inside Success Lab was created with the help of a founding committee representing a diverse set of business activities, sizes, and functions. It brings together all the directors in charge of transformation, no matter their position: CEOs, transformation or change management directors, business directors, and even project directors. What they all have in common is that they all share the responsibility of transforming, convincing and motivating teams toward an objective of successfully adopting transformation – and, by extension, performance and ROI.

The Inside Success Lab is driven by a collaborative spirit based on sharing experiences, visions, and beliefs between decision-makers in different roles (marketing, finance, HR, business development, etc…), all while guaranteeing strict confidentiality of the discussions had, as well as a distinction between the individuals and the company.

The 5 founding principles of the Inside Success Lab :

  1. Create qualitative spaces to share experiences reserved for about twenty decision-makers during each workshop
  2. Structure and stimulate the spread of best practices across sectors
  3. Organise new networking sessions between decision-makers who share common issues
  4. Brainstorm in pairs to solve concrete problems in a strictly confidential setting
  5. Identify and share “advance warnings” in order to anticipate upcoming challenges

The 1st Inside Success Lab workshop was dedicated to the “real key success factors in transformation projects” : read the summary.

The 2nd Inside Success Lab workshop was dedicated to the “Transformation Project Marketing” : read the summary.

The Inside Success Lab meets every trimester. To find out more and be co-opted into the circle :