InsideBoard Fall Release

InsideBoard Fall Release

Visuel Fall 17

Performance Success Board: All-new dashboards to track your performance indicators

To better meet our clients’ needs and drive their performance goals in an advanced manner, InsideBoard is launching the Performance Success Board. This is a new version of the existing dashboard. One of its new features is an upgraded Data Visualization design, which gives users an at-a-glance overview of Key Success Indicators (KSI) for performance relative to their objectives as well as comparing to the previous year. The Performance Success Board also offers the possibility to create composite KSI themes, zoom in on a theme in one click, and gain access to a detailed overview of sub-indicators. Similar to the Adoption Success Board, you can always compare your results intuitively with those of your team, department, and company.

Personalize your posts with Targeted Audiences

Would you like to provide your ambassadors with a dedicated communication plan? Share information about your project with only the top management? Communicate about your recommendations and best practices to your team? All of this is now possible thanks to the Targeted Audiences feature within the InsideBoard Posts module. Simply select the desired audience when publishing the post—for example, the members of a specific department, department managers only, or even a specific group of employees defined by you. For more visibility, you can also choose to send an email notification to your audience when publishing the post.

Header Notifications: More visibility for more social interactions


Publications, comments, likes: don’t miss out on any news from your community on InsideBoard thanks to header notifications. These will appear as a bubble in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, without interrupting your browsing session.

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