InsideBoard Chosen as One of 11 Startups for Foundry SF 2023

Clara Daubigney

We are thrilled to announce that InsideBoard has been selected to participate to the 2023 startup cohort of Foundry San Francisco.

This is a highly competitive program where hundreds of startups are considered by SAP and we are honored to be one of 11 companies participating to this program this year.

SAP.iO is a division of SAP which curates a relevant and diverse startup ecosystem that extends the value of SAP solutions to meets the emerging needs of SAP’s customers. During this 5 month program InsideBoard has received dedicated support to scale our relationship with SAP and their network of customers.

InsideBoard is building and developing its partnership with SAP. We have defined joint use cases, and various business development opportunities. As part of this program InsideBoard has already produced an out-of-the-box integration to SAP. InsideBoard is also now featured on the SAP Store. SAP Store is the online marketplace where SAP customers around the world can discover, try, buy, and renew solutions from SAP and their partners.

You can find more information below in SAP’s official announcement of the program:

InsideBoard integrated into SAP
InsideBoard integrated into SAP