Digital Adoption Solutions Improve Employee Productivity

The unprecedented situation we’re going through at the moment has introduced a new work paradigm.
Remote working, employee engagement and adoption are now part of the “new normal” that businesses need to take into consideration.

To help address these challenges, Gartner identified a new category of technology solutions called “Digital Adoption Solutions” (DAS) that help increase employee adoption during transformation projects and managers to lead team productivity. InsideBoard, as the 1st digital platform for Change Management based on Artificial Intelligence, has been recognized by Gartner as a DAS vendor, as well as a Cool Vendor for the Digital Workplace, highlighting our innovative, impactful and unique solution.

According to Gartner, “as organizations are rapidly changing the way they work, it is critical to include the adoption of technology into the overall strategy of the deployment of technology. Doing so will ensure that your organization receives a higher return on investment and provides a better experience for your employees and customers. A digital adoption solution (DAS) can be an integral part of both this strategy and an organization’s digital transformation.”

Please contact us to access the video and discover why Digital Adoption Solutions, like InsideBoard improve employee productivity.

Gartner, Video: Digital Adoption Solutions Improve Employee Productivity, 15 June 2020, Melissa Hilbert