ICL #2 – InsideBoard Customer Lab

Clara Daubigney

InsideBoard Customer Lab, the forum where our clients meet and learn from each other.

For this second ICL gathering of the year, our clients chose the theme “How to manage the various success boosters in InsideBoard in order to attain your business objectives”, both for adoption of new tools and performance management.

We are extremely grateful that our client Pernod Ricard invited us to have this meeting in their exceptional meeting space in Paris. This room was a fantastic fit for the goal of the ICL: sharing experiences and fostering discussions among our clients.

We were lucky that two of our clients accepted to share their learnings around the theme mentioned above:
Thomas Bernon, Sales Tech Deployment Manager at Pernod Ricard, and
Florian Grimault, Digital Marketing Communication Director at Stellantis for the EUROREPAR Car Service and DISTRIGO Parts Distribution networks in France.

They explain below how they leverage the First AI-Powered Digital Success Platform in their daily work to ensure the success of their transformation programs and the optimal management of their distribution networks.

Check out their detailed testimonials below, they contain plenty of useful best practices.