How to use innovation to create added value for Human Resources?

Recruit employees, develop their skills, support change within the company, and take charge of your own digital transformation initiative. Human Resources is at the heart of any company’s digital transformation, and innovation is the lever for reinvention.

Télécom Ecole de Management, IMT’s business school (Institut Mines-Télécom) has established digital transformation and innovation management at the heart of their mission. They have taken a clear position at the crossroads of where digital media and people intersect, by creating the HRM Digital Lab. Their goal is to put human beings at the core of digital transformation. It is along the same lines that they have launched the OpenHR project, the first international open innovation project in the field of Human Resources, as part of their “Digital Management of Human Resources” major.

Through innovative pedagogy, OpenHR saw students go beyond “theoretical” lessons, and take on challenges that were submitted to them by partner companies. Working with industry players on concrete and real-life business cases, they were able to propose original solutions, many of which are now being deployed internally within the companies concerned.

Through this project, students tackled real innovation issues head on over a 9-month period. During this first session, partner companies BNP Paribas, Figaro Classifieds, and LCL, entrusted students with the following missions:

  • How to better manage skills within an IT department
  • How to make employees more autonomous in their training
  • How to strengthen employee engagement

InsideBoard has been identified by students as one of the most innovative solutions to address these issues.

A unique and innovative experience, the results of which have been published in the OpenHR white paper that we happily invite you to download!