Gamification: An engagement lever to boost adoption

Leila Daghfous

For this new format of the Customer Lab, InsideBoard gathered many of its customers to share experiences and best practices around the theme “Gamification as a lever of engagement to boost performance and adoption”.

It was the opportunity for our privileged clients Michelin and Orange to share their personal experience of the Gamification functionality in the InsideBoard platform.
The event ended with the Scorefact 2022 award, received by InsideBoard for the 3rd year in a row and which, once again, attests of the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Let’s look back at this moment through the testimonials of our customers.

How Michelin uses Gamification to motivate its sales force

Eleftherios Diamantidis, Marketing & Sales Trainer at Michelin was present at our first InsideBoard Customer Lab session to share how Michelin uses the gamification functionality to manage their sellers.

Having noticed that their sales teams had a strong competitive spirit, the Michelin project team, in collaboration with the regional sales managers, decided to launch a yearly multi-regional challenge on all the key performance indicators in order to motivate sales people in the Central European region to quickly adopt the new processes on Salesforce.

A global challenge was therefore launched in the 21 countries of the region, divided between the Mediterranean and the Baltic regions (Poland, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, etc.).

In parallel to that, managers were constantly monitoring team performance on the Success Board in order to adapt their leadership and create additional local challenges to manage teams according to defined expectations.

Eleftherios Diamantidis describes: “Our sales teams are, by nature, very competitive. The competitive spirit is part of their DNA. By leveraging this desire to rank higher, this continuous need to improve, we increase user engagement significantly.”

In order to increase engagement and further stimulate the sales force, celebratory posts are regularly published on the collaboration wall to highlight the Top 4 best performing salespersons.

Eleftherios Diamantidis confirms the benefits of this approach: “Setting up a global challenge and publishing celebratory posts on the Wall of News has allowed us to generate user interest and also increase Salesforce adoption by 30%.”

Gamification to drive adoption of Orange’s new ERP

The Orange project team was also present to share their usage of the Gamification feature in order to motivate their Finance and Project Management teams and facilitate the adoption of a brand new ERP and its associated processes.

Flash challenges are organized every 2 months around Key Performance Indicators, depending on the business priorities of the moment. Each challenge is focused on a specific KPI in order to enable a progressive skill assessment. An impact analysis before and after the challenge comparing enrolled and non-enrolled employees is carried out to demonstrate the value of each challenge.

Margot Bauchère, Project & Change Manager describes: “We can definitely see the differences in outcomes between our active users and those who are not active in the challenge. So for us, it’s a proven engagement lever.”

She believes it is critical to manage each single KPI so that users are not demotivated; this means answering questions, putting out appropriate documentation, and continually reviewing outcomes to allow employees to make progress using all the relevant resources available to them.

Christian Klein, Project Director & Business Lead for the ERP project emphasizes: “Another useful element to note from the challenges is the ranking, not for finger pointing, but because it helps identify tomorrow’s ambassadors, those who will be able to help their colleagues in the future.”