The Intelligent Platform for Change Management

A blend of technical innovations based on Artificial Intelligence, all aimed toward your team’s successful adoption and performance in regards to change

  • Success Boards

    Your project’s success dashboard engine measures individual and collective usage with a simple and shared approach

    • Generate positive engagement with leaderboards

    • Save time on data crunching

  • Challenges & Gaming

    The gamification engine allows you to establish the rules and challenges included in your game. Change management becomes fun.

    • Motivate employees every day through ongoing initiatives

    • Drive or revitalize adoption with individual and team challenges

  • Boost Your Success

    A unique recommendation engine: the only one to cross-reference behavioral analysis and content relevance

    • Support progress using a personalized and pertinent approach

    • Recommend the right action at the right time

    Notifications center

    InsideBoard generates automatic and personalized Call-to-Action notifications

  • Wall of News

    InsideBoard—the social network for your projects

    • Share news and best practices quickly and easily

    • Engage employee through collaborative features

  • Training Path

    Spire employees to adopt new solutions thanks to a great user experience

    • Create training content easily

    • Check learning achievements using interactive programs

  • Become an Ambassador

    A strong community is a major driver to boost and sustain adoption. InsideBoard automatically identifies and guides ambassadors according to engagement level, influence, and performance criteria

    • Provide ambassadors with tools to measure and manage their community

    • Recommend actions to guide and empower ambassadors in their role

  • Organizational Chart

    InsideBoard incorporates your company’s organizational chart and facilitates quick, simple navigation at the different hierarchical levels

    • Break up silos through transparency between teams

    • Analyze results rapidly thanks to ergonomic user-friendly and easy navigation

  • Multi-Application

    InsideBoard is compatible with all professional applications—both commercial and in-house

    Image éditeurs InsideBoard - Mobile

    InsideBoard integrates directly with your professional application thanks to its interactive widget and Single Sign-On connection

  • Multi-Project

    InsideBoard manages multiple change management projects and makes it possible to monitor the global performance of Success Boards

    • Manage all transformation projects with a single, unique tool