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Rise to the challenge of team adoption and performance

100% of our customers have at least doubled their project targets

+100 % License usage rate

+50 % time saved by coordinating managers

+33 % time saved on managing and driving adoption

The adoption and performance curve with InsideBoard

100% of our customers have at least doubled their transformation success rate

100 000+ active users

Success stories

  • After-sales digitization for a French automotive distributor

    The challenge

    To boost additional sales by increasing the number of price quote requests and promoting the use of tablets inside dealerships

    The solution

    • A playful and innovative 360° communication of the project’s vision and goals
    • In-person training implemented and supported via the InsideBoard platform
    • Monitoring of KPIs throughout the entire network to promote engagement
    • Weekly newsletters on the progress and performance of the project

    The results

    • Between 500 and 2500 actions per week following the implementation of InsideBoard
    • Continuous growth over subsequent months
    • Training costs divided by 3
  • Transformation of the customer relationship management of a professional services provider

    The challenge

    To increase and sustain the adoption of a new CRM system by a 1,000-employee team

    The solution

    • Engagement through continuous gamification and challenges
    • Sustained adoption & acquisition of a CRM-based culture
    • KPI monitoring and automatically targeted recommendations

    The results

    • 80% overall adoption rate
    • 95% improvement in license usage rate
    • 110% growth in the contact database of decision-makers, of which 80% were qualified contacts for key accounts
  • Implementation of a dematerialization tool within a network of independent brands

    The challenge

    Adoption of a tool with the aim of accelerating and securing communication between customers and service providers.

    The solution

    • A playful and innovative 360° communication campaign on the project’s vision and goals
    • Usage and performance KPIs shared with all network stakeholders
    • Targeted communication on the benefits of change

    The results

    • + 400% increase in transactions between September 2015 and September 2016
    • The operator can spend twice as much time with customers
    • Training costs divided by 3