Climate Act : We are back !

Climate Act : We are back !

A year ago, InsideBoard and 105 other companies signed the Climate Act and made a concrete commitment to the fight against climate change wanted by the IPCC. In practice, InsideBoard is committed to :

  • Measure their carbon footprint now
  • Share their results publicly
  • Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

InsideBoard pursues its CSR commitments with its participation in the Climate Act. For the past year, our team has been successfully striving to:

  • Use the train for travels
  • Promote our charter of good environmental practices and waste management
  • Regularly raise awareness among all employees of carbon footprint issues.

In 2022, Climate Act becomes a collective open to all French companies concerned with measuring their carbon footprint, willing to share the results and ready to act to reduce their emissions. Follow note link in comment.

To join us, click here :