Check out the latest InsideBoard platform innovations in the Summer Release ’19

We’re happy to present the latest version of InsideBoard, the 1st Digital Platform for Change Management Based on Artificial intelligence. This new release features many innovations, as well as new functionality for customization, independence and flexibility for the entire organization, for project managers (administrators), managers and ambassadors, as well as employees.

Learn how you can accelerate adoption and boost the performance of your teams with the latest updates to the InsideBoard platform!

Maximize the impact of your Salesforce CRM project communications

Increase the reach of communications posted on InsideBoard for your Salesforce users now that the Wall of News has been integrated with Chatter, the leading CRM company’s social network.

New ESNs will be available soon, including: Slack, Teams, Yammer and Workplace.

Boost your employees’ motivation with the new Challenges & Gaming experience

Take advantage of the brand-new user experience on InsideBoard’s two levels of gamification: challenges (one-time) and gaming (continuous), with even more intuitive navigation for your employees.

And, to increase competition between your teams, new in-app and email notifications are now available to encourage them before, during and after the challenge.

Customize your game rules independently with the new Gamification admin console

Game rules and challenges can now be fully configured by administrators with just a few clicks:

  • create, customize and manage statuses,
  • choose rewards for each action,
  • customize badges.

Create stronger connections among your users around the world

From the new Profile & Preference space, your employees can choose the user language for the platform.

Seven languages are currently available: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Coming soon: more than five new languages and starting in 2020, translation for content posted on the platform.

Get more data security and confidentiality for your international projects

Do you manage transformation projects with international reach? InsideBoard has incorporated new hosted email solutions located near your main offices.

This means you can select the provider of your choice in order to take advantage of all standard email options (distribution performance and statistics), while complying with regulatory obligations.

Would you like to know more about our new features? Contact us!