InsideBoard and Imakumo, affiliate of Atos
become strategic partners

InsideBoard and ImaKumo, affiliate of Atos, announce the signing of a strategic partnership to facilitate the adoption and performance of ServiceNow projects

InsideBoard, the first platform for change management based on artificial intelligence, and ImaKumo, an information technology consulting firm, announce the signing of a strategic partnership aimed at facilitating the adoption and performance of deployment projects for ServiceNow, the world leader in SaaS service automation.

In stride with ServiceNow’s growing power in business services, beyond ITSM

With a revenue exceeding 1 billion dollars and more than 54 offices across the world, ServiceNow is the strongest growing SaaS software publisher today. Specializing in Enterprise Service Management, ServiceNow is a 100% cloud-based platform, equipped with suites of applications that can meet the challenges of process automation in IT and business (HR, General Resources, Legal) departments. Beyond that, it can also be used as a development platform (PaaS), making it easy for clients to create their own applications.

The historic first French partner of ServiceNow, since 2010, and affiliate of Atos, since 2017, ImaKumo offers a wealth of integration expertise in the American software publisher’s ecosystem.

Also a partner of ServiceNow, InsideBoard is the first SaaS change management platform based on artificial intelligence designed to facilitate adoption and team performance. Created in 2014, InsideBoard has recently raised 5 million dollars from its investors and opened offices in the United States.

Driven by the common goal of assuring ServiceNow’s long-term success, InsideBoard and ImaKumo are uniting their talents in order to respond to a major problem businesses are encountering: 3 out of 4 transformation projects fail because collaborators lack ongoing, long-term support. The partners have extended an innovative digital offer ensuring a project’s success by accompanying users throughout the complete life cycle as well as in future phases of the new tool’s usage and evolution. Concretely, Imakumo is now integrating the InsideBoard platform, adapted to the specific needs of IT and business departments, into all of the ServiceNow projects they are implementing.

Leading each ServiceNow project to success thanks to InsideBoard’s continued facilitation of adoption and team performance

InsideBoard was founded on a core belief: to achieve transformation objectives, you must encourage desire by leveraging the project marketing and engaging the collaborators in the long term via a unique user experience. The recipe for success entails unique artificial intelligence algorithms that suggest the right action and the right content at the right moment to the collaborator. It also includes dashboards that measure individual and collective usage in a simple and shared way using the ServiceNow project’s success indicators; a gaming and challenges module that can create emulations and automatically detect the natural ambassadors of a project; intelligent skill-developing and continued training paths, and more. In summary, InsideBoard offers in one united platform a wide range of innovative solutions to engage all agents of transformation: end users, ambassadors, managers, and top management.

The ability to operate in France and internationally

This alliance will also allow ImaKumo and InsideBoard to conquer new territories. Thanks to ImaKumo’s presence in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Singapore, and InsideBoard’s newly opened offices in New York and San Francisco, the partners will be able to direct projects across Europe, Asia, and the United States, on both a local and international scale.

“We are very happy to forge this partnership with ImaKumo, a major integrator of ServiceNow, and to support their international growth strategy by responding to a major client need: providing a lasting solution to the problem of project performance and adoption. With InsideBoard, our goal is to make change management desirable by providing unique employee experiences through digital means,” comments Michaël Bentolila, InsideBoard’s CEO and co-founder.

“As soon as we discovered InsideBoard, the educational application for ServiceNow adoption from InsideBoard, we were sold. After having deployed it on our own ServiceNow instance, we are anxious to promote this unique solution to our clients in order to accelerate their ROI,” notes Vincent Guiheneuc, ServiceNow IT Director at ImaKumo.

About InsideBoard

The first AI platform for change management, InsideBoard was created to respond to a major problem that large enterprises encounter: three out of four transformation projects fail because collaborators are not supported over the long term. Based on Big Data technology with integrated and unique artificial intelligence algorithms, InsideBoard is the first SaaS solution that helps facilitate and measure adoption, innovation, and performance, through a unique user experience that includes intelligent recommendations, success dashboards, gaming and challenges, skill-developing and continued training paths. InsideBoard is an “all-in-one” platform that lets you create long term engagement with all of the communities affected by transformation: from managers and ambassadors all the way across to end users. For more information, please visit

About ImaKumo

The historic first French partner of ServiceNow, since 2010, and affiliate of Atos, since 2017, ImaKumo is an information technology consulting firm that assists their clients with “Service Management” (IT and business-related) projects. Through its catalog of offers, products, and services, ImaKumo brings a great deal of integration expertise in the ServiceNow ecosystem, and relies on an innovative methodology that allows it to overcome the challenges of digital business transformation.

As a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner and leading European ServiceNow trainer, ImaKumo is expanding its growth strategy to international levels by basing its development strategy on expertise, training, and integration services, in order to align service management with business needs, in keeping with its “follow the sun” philosophy.

ImaKumo has a presence in Paris, France, with offices in Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, and Strasbourg, as well as locations in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Brussels, Munich, Düsseldorf, Singapore and Tahiti.

In close collaboration with the Atos Group companies, and in particular with the Engage ESM teams, ImaKumo amplifies its strategy with the leading European group in IT services and digitalization. Find out more here:


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