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Inside Success Lab: Transformation Project Marketing

Marketer son projet de transformation est devenu une évidence; il est le maillon clé de la dynamique du #changement. Découvrez quelles sont les différentes étapes à mettre en place, à quel moment utiliser le marketing de projet, quels sont les outils nécessaires à sa réussite

At the meetings of Inside Success Lab, the first laboratory of ideas dedicated to successful business transformation, we are collectively defining the best practices that lead to transformation projects’ success.
Because one of the key factors of success is intrinsically connected to the way the project is received internally by various audiences, we have devoted our last two workshops to “Transformation Project Marketing: The Key Link in the Dynamics of Change.
But what exactly do we mean by marketing a project? Or by transformation project? At what stage in the transformation is marketing key? How do we implement project marketing? How do we turn a vision into tangible, personalized actions? How do we create a real sense that the project is “going viral,” as well as a feeling of belonging and a sense of pride in accomplishment?
Our members had a great deal of information to share in response to all of these questions. Here is our summary:

Marketing your project becomes self-evident

Whether they actually use the term “marketing” or do it without realizing, many transformation managers – or business unit managers carrying out transformation projects – already take inspiration from the mechanics of marketing in order to get employees interested, formalize good arguments, adjust messaging, and involve employees so that they will take ownership of the projects for which they are responsible. Why? Because they’ve understood that the employee is also a consumer who has powerful experiences outside the office – experiences conveyed by brands,