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Inside Success Lab:
the real key success factors
in transformation projects

réussir les projets de transformation

How do you go about your transformation project? What are the key success factors and associated key metrics? Does it have to be done quickly to succeed? How can the multi-project be managed? How should middle management be involved? Here we give you a summary of the answers to discussions with our members during the Inside Success Lab, the first laboratory of ideas dedicated to business transformation.

General comments on transformation

  • The primary criterion for measuring success is adoption

  • The fundamental difference between major transformation projects (that require meaning) and of other topics (that can be handled more easily)

  • Transformation must occur to allow the sustainability of the company. Transforming to resist becomes a business in itself

  • There are different scales of disruption. In France, we intellectualize a lot while elsewhere there is often application without discussion

What are the key success factors in transformation projects?

  • Sponsoring
    A massive disruption must be led by top management rather than top management letting it happen, although this depends on the type of sector. In any case, a favorable climate is necessary in order to take the initiative leading to the transformation

  • The speed of execution of the transformation project

  • Communication

  • The key role of middle managers and ambassadors

  • The importance of giving meaning individually and collectively

  • The collaborative dimension

  • The framing of the project upstream

  • End-user involvement and the pedagogy to support them

  • The creation of dedicated physical space to show the importance of the work under construction

  • The courage and tenacity of the project leaders

  • Exemplary management that can lead teams to fully engage

  • The setting up of a monthly steering committee in the presence of the General Management

  • The budget

  • The definition of tangible objectives

  • “German”