Change management: how to Promote a Positive Transformation Approach?

A transformation project isn’t automatically destined for failure. An organization has to trust the ability of its employees to complete a transformation once the company gives them the right tools and philosophy to be successful. Inside Success Lab, the first idea lab dedicated to successful transformations, started with this principle in mind when we brought together change agents on September 24 to discuss the challenges of promoting transformation within organizations.

How can we make transformation something positive in the minds of employees? How do we draw out collaborative and peer-led practices based on trust and empowerment? How do we make positive practices go viral? How can we capitalize on employees with influence? These were the questions that guided discussions and enabled participants to learn from the experience of their peers.

Communicating a Strategic Vision

No matter what approach is used or what triggers the transformation, it’s essential to communicate a vision to employees that explains the project’s meaning.

“Human beings need a vision and a ‘why’ to move forward. The project must be linked to the company’s DNA, as well as to external challenges,” Michaël Bentolila, CEO & co‑founder of InsideBoard

Teams often know the initial facts (market, company situation, changes, etc.), especially in large companies where the press is covering the situation. Plus, they’re familiar with the mechanisms of a project process, and they know what it leads to. But human beings need meaning to make progress. Employees want to understand the meaning behind the transformation they’re going through.

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