Digital Procurement Success

InsideBoard Barometer
on the success of the digitalization of Procurement Departments
1st edition

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Why an annual barometer of the success of Digitalization of Procurement Departments?

Procurement departments have been engaged in their digital transformation for several years now. In parallel with the growing maturity of organizations on this subject, other issues have developed, such as the impact of data governance, CSR or even an ever more in-depth tooling of processes. Procurement Departments, which are at the crossroads of internal and external relations within companies, are therefore at the heart of these transformation challenges.

1st AI platform for Digital Change Management, InsideBoard supports the success of these transformations. Solicited by Procurement Departments, we wanted to better understand their practices and their ambitions. And this is why we decided to gather a Scientific Committee of decision-makers and experts, to create the 1st Digital Transformation Success Barometer for Procurement Departments.

Our Scientific Committee

Co-constructed with a Scientific Committee made up of procurement, process and data professionals, this barometer is a unique benchmarking tool on the state of the art of successful digital transformation in procurement departments.

Raphaël Belliere-Lottier
Executive Vice President in charge of Procurement Digital and Innovation,

Emmanuel Erba
Chief Procurement Officer

Sylvie Noël
Chief Procurement Officer - President of ADRA

Vincent Leclerc
Senior Contract Manager

Pierre Ouvry
Processes & Methods Manager

Franck Quétier
Head of Customer Success, EMEA

Louis de Lamaestre
Contracts Director

Marc Sauvage
Senior Vice President

Joël Aznar
Global Supply Chain & Data Governance Director, - President of ExQi

Sylvain Féraud
Director Group Purchasing Services

Alexis de Nervaux
Chief Digital Officer

Laurent Cochereau
Group Procurement Director, General Expenses

Benjamin Hulot
Vice President for Purchasing Performance

Franck Vidal
Purchasing Transformation Director

Pierre Bourgoin
Procurement and Logistics Director

François Gautier
Senior Advisor and Transitional Procurement Director

Christian Mardrus
Senior Advisor and Transition General Manager

The Digital Procurement Success barometer is a survey of more than 120 procurement managers in France. It evaluates the adoption and performance of digital transformation by procurement departments
across 4 dimensions:

Icône 1

HR, culture and organization

Icône 2

New business processes

Icône 3

Data quality and governance

Icône 4

The implementation of new technologies such as procurement tools, AI, or blockchain..

The experts' word

  • Michael Bentolila

    Procurement departments, which are at the crossroads of internal and external relations within companies, are today at the heart of the challenges of the digital transformation of organizations.

    Michaël Bentolila, CEO & co-founder at InsideBoard

  • Sylvie Noël

    By approaching change management as a training plan for the chosen software, the project programs its own failure.

    Sylvie Noël, CPO at COVEA - President of ADRA

  • Louis de Lamaestre

    For a successful adoption and to ensure symmetry of attention, let's always consider our operational staff as customers who must be focused on their tasks and their jobs.

    Louis de  Lamaestre, Contracts Director - Le Cèdre

  • Joël Aznar

    It is important to be aware of the hidden cost of not managing the change of supplier information: $1 proactively, $10 at the time of use and $100 afterwards.

    Joël Aznar, Global Supply Chain & Data Governance Director at Schneider Electric - President of ExQi

The top 10 success indicators for the Digital Transformation of Procurement Departments