Adopting changes in CSR policies: a new component of strategy

Leila Daghfous

CSR policies have become a full-fledged component of strategies. With this, the potential risks and failures are better managed.

Procurement departments must maintain strong relationships with their suppliers while getting equipped to better manage their purchases.
In this context, what is the right change-management strategy to adopt? How can you promote a CSR culture within your procurement processes by getting all stakeholders on board, whether they’re staff responsible for buying, requesting, or approving? How can you supervise progress on the adoption of that CSR culture over time and offer the right support system?

Step 1: Identify the various phases in adopting the CSR culture

Step 2: Establish messaging

The idea here is to establish the content of messages to be shared.
Targeting eco-compatible suppliers who are committed to upholding environmental standards is an integral part of the responsible procurement strategy. Products released into the natural environment and energy consumption are critical considerations, but suppliers must also guarantee the quality of their products and customer satisfaction. Ethics are important too, as is social inclusion.
Additionally, it is essential to highlight in your messages the benefits brought about by and associated with the establishment of a CSR culture.
Benefits can be found in knowing your suppliers better and having greater trust in your exchanges with them. Furthermore, you’ll have a more robust supply chain. Also, you’ll benefit from a better understanding of your costs and of regulatory conditions.

Step 3 : How to measure progress on implementing a CSR culture across the various phases of adoption?

Step 4 : What type of tool should you use to manage such a campaign?

To carry out such a campaign, you need a tool that’s capable of promoting impactful content in order to quickly get your teams on board with the new goals, of producing the right performance indicators so that you can accelerate the adoption of new processes, and lastly, of motivating teams through an environment that’s both stimulating and engaging.

The “all-in-one” platform for agile execution of change

  • InsideBoard helps you get employees engaged in change-management projects and understand the individual and collective stakes through regular, meaningful communications.
  • InsideBoard allows you to establish key success indicators tied to your business goals and supports each of your employees with their progress through a personalized employee experience.
  • Thanks to the creation of internal communities, personalization, and dedicated tools. InsideBoard makes change meaningful by placing your employees at the heart of it.