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It all started when two brothers, Michaël and Yohan Bentolila, decided to join forces.

Michaël is a renowned expert in the field of consulting and change management. After working for fifteen years in a number of major consultancy firms, he came to the conclusion that led to the founding of InsideBoard: most transformation projects fail due to a lack of ongoing, long-term support.

Revolution is internal before it is external

Michäel Bentolila, Co-Founder & CEO

In 2014, he took a chance, deciding to develop a technological solution to this problem. He enlisted the help of his brother Yohan, with whom he had founded his first startup venture back in 2009.

Yohan, an expert in digital technology and innovation, has 15 years of experience in software development. He has supported a number of Silicon Valley startup with regard to big data applications for corporations.

InsideBoard is the LinkedIn of your transformation project

Yohan Bentolila, Co-Founder & CTO

Together, they created the world’s first digital change management platform—InsideBoard was born!

Today, InsideBoard is…

An experienced team comprising more than fifty talented individuals, representing five different nationalities, with highly complementary professional skills: in digital, development, marketing, business, and UX design. They possess a strong industry expertise across many industries: banking, insurance, professional services, distribution, industrial, and public administration.

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