5 Convictions for Successful CRM Adoption

For any CRM transformation project, employee adoption of the selected tool is the key to success. Michaël Bentolila, InsideBoard founder and CEO, shares his vision and convictions on how to fully complete the success equation. Check it out in the video from the “CRM Adoption Levers: What are Factors for Success” roundtable during the AppInnovation event organized by EI-Technologies.

CONVICTION NO. 1: Create motivation and trust

At InsideBoard, we believe that each employee involved in a business transformation can drive change, once they’ve been given the right tools to motivate them and help them believe in themselves, and the support they need.

“Your transformation project will be successful when people put their individual contributions to work for collective success”, Michaël Bentolila, CEO InsideBoard

CONVICTION NO. 2: Actively engage throughout the transformation

Transformation is constant. So, engagement in a customer relationship transformation must also be ongoing. It starts on the first day with managing the challenges related to things like collaborating, cleaning up databases and following sales processes. Then, engagement happens in stages throughout the transformation.

CONVICTION NO. 3: Use employee-centric levers inspired by everyday consumer experiences

At InsideBoard, our conviction is that the employee should be able to have the same experience within their company that they’re having outside, meaning a consumer experience where they’re used to engaging by themselves.

Discussing and sharing with their community, personalized- recommendations, learning that’s entertaining… our levers are inspired by everyday consumer experiences. InsideBoard is based on this “pull” approach, meaning its goal is to attract the employee, without intruding on or interrupting their daily work.

The platform also makes it possible for the individual to make progress by playing: they can earn badges, participate in challenges, get diplomas, follow a continuing education track and more. And to measure their growth, the employee can view Key Success Indicators that are easily accessible from a personalized dashboard.

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CONVICTION NO. 4: Use artificial intelligence to personalize information and improve the employee experience

Artificial intelligence can help each employee by giving them the right information at the right time to support them during the CRM transition.

Using its intelligent engine based on AI, the InsideBoard platform can measure the impact of content on the employee’s success indicators. For example, based on the results, it recommends a best practice to the employee that had been shared by a peer ambassador in their area.

The InsideBoard recommendation engine suggests the most relevant content based on each user’s adoption profile to guide them to better performance.

Another example: managing new users. The platform detects them and recommends communication and skill development tracks to them so they can get a handle on their new CRM. This way they are efficiently caught up in the project’s collective success.

Artificial intelligence enables the team in change of change management to personalize the employee experience and to automate and maintain continuous motivation.

CONVICTION NO. 5: Spot natural Ambassadors and give them the tools to motivate their community

Due their ability to influence others, 5% of employees are enough to train the entire company through their positive attitude, recommendations, enthusiastic communication, etc. Plus, in order to maintain high engagement, it’s important to actively engage these ambassador communities over the long term.

InsideBoard makes it possible to automatically identify potential ambassadors and give them the tools they need to share their feedback and best practices with their community while also measuring the success of their actions.

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